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2.99 USD

The first **low cost** app!
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Why pay for lifetime if you only need it for a limited time??

v4 NAV4D NEW VERSION! If you have an older version, buy this one to update it!

100% Based on our Award Winning technology with 1st Runner Up at Navteq LBS Challenge.

Onboard NAVTEQ up to date maps.

Nav4D is highly innovative at a very low price.

Nav4D is a high-end GPS navigator. It brings a new look to users mobility interaction. Turn by turn directions.
Single intuitive menu gives the user all the information needed to begin a journey with confidence. Along the way take advantage of the automatic local and global search with rich contents.

Nav4D is a new concept of Navigation and travel companion.

Use car, pedestrian and truck mode.

Designed to attract everyone, the new interface concept makes usability and design a key point. Nav4D is the perfect navigation system for iPhone.

Blending iPhone and Nav4D technologies millions of iPhone users all over the world can experience the new dimension in Navigation Systems.

Other specifications:
- Voice Guidance
- Interface full optimized for iPhone
- Multi-touch navigation and zoom functionality
- High map resolution for 2D and 3D
- Automatic day and night view
- Intelligent search engine
- POI search
- Nearby POI search
- Favorite and Home locations management
- Portrait and landscape switch automatic
- Trip planning
- Facebook Integration
- Pay per use, initial Routing license for one month with the possibility to buy a lifetime license afterwards
- Lifetime License Map Viewer

- English UK
- English US
- French
- Spanish
- Portuguese
- Italian
- German